DINS Santi Taura

Inside man: DINS Santi Taura

DINS Santi TauraLloseta, the small town at the foot of the Tramuntana, has always been one of my favorite stops on our cycling trips. Because of the delicious empanadas con guisantes at Bar Bestard, the local bar at the central plaça. And sure, no question, because of Santi Taura, famed and charming chef, and his fabulous restaurant. It’s hard to believe but this year, Santi reinvented his culinary skills once more: He opened another restaurant within his restaurant and simply named it DINS, Mallorqui for ‚inside‘.

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Castell de Bellver

The Times They Are A-Changin’: Castell de Bellver

Castell de BellverWe all know these popular places in our hometowns that we urgently want to visit but for some reason never make it – until friends come around visiting. For me, the Castell de Bellver has been one of those places for many years. I still remember how I was stunned by the plain yet powerful beauty of the old fortress for the first time. And there was so much to discover inside – and still is, each time I come by.

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La Molienda

No milk today: La Molienda

La MoliendaIt’s no secret that La Molienda is one of my favorite coffee shops in town. Today, however, there were no cappuccinos or flat whites but people came for a beer. Majo, Miguel and Toni were throwing a little street party to celebrate the second birthday of their fabulous café: with drinks, snacks, and familiar vibes from Paco Colombàs Mir at the mixer. Friends and coffee aficionados were filing in and out all afternoon, enjoying themselves in a relaxed atmosphere on a lovely late summer’s day.

Molts d’anys, La Molienda!

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El Bungalow

On the beach: El Bungalow

El BungalowImagine a plain beach house from the 1920s with an unobstructed view over the beautiful bay of Palma, from Ciutat Jardí to the emblematic silhouette of the cathedral, further on to the marina and the skyline of El Terreno. From the terrace, follow the coastline across the sea and then back to your table, where the waiter is just about to cut up your fish. El Bungalow, as the house is simply called, has been an institution for more than twenty years, now, and is popular with locals and tourists alike. It’s the authentic fresh seafood, the traditional atmosphere and the unique location of this restaurant, within sight but yet remote from the bustling, hectic city, that makes it so special.

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Maravillas Bags

Style and sustainability: Maravillas Bags

Maravillas BagsIt’s about a year ago that I met Christina for the first time. She had just opened the store for her label Maravillas Bags in the basement of Suite 13 near Plaça Major and was preparing for the design showroom „100% Mallorca“ with Maria and Alexia. When I followed her downstairs, I was surprised to see that it was shop and manufactory in one. And while I still marveled at the finished bags and accessories on the shelves I could watch Christina prepare her next piece in the small workspace.

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Polar star: Copenhagen

CopenhagenI’ve always had a knack for Scandinavian design with its minimalistic chic and timeless functionality, whether it’s furniture or fashion. Some of my favorite stores in Palma like La Principal, Suivi, addict, Mad Mood or Maos offer northern brands. Samsøe & Samsøe, Filippa K, Second Female, Tiger of Sweden, or Norse Projects – to name but a few – obviously meet a southern taste. And as a devoted cyclist, I always wanted to learn about Europe’s most famous traffic system for bicycles. So it was time for a trip to Denmark’s capital Copenhagen – just like Palma a beautiful city by the sea with a long and eventful history of settlement and trade.

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Top of the town: Cuit 

CuitI had read about Nakar and Cuit, the chic new hotel with restaurant on Jaime III, several times lately but actually it was Tony from La Principal who made me curious. He had been putting on music on the rooftop bar, allegedly one of Palma’s latest hot spots. Rightly so: bar and restaurant feature a terrific view over the Bay of Palma, from Cap Blanc to Castell Bellver. And famous Miquel Calent is kitchen chef at Cuit‘s.

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Port des Canonge

Summer holidays: Port des Canonge

Port des CanongeI love Mallorca any time of the year, every season has its peculiarities. In August, many shops and restaurants are closed for vacations. It’s the hottest month on the island and the locals too enjoy their time off on one of the island’s twohundredsomething beaches. Admittedly, unless you get there early in the morning, they can get pretty crowded. That’s why I’m often looking for a cool alternative – like a shady hiking trail along the sea. One of my favorite paths leads from Banyalbufar to lovely Port des Canonge.

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